Dürr Consulting offers advising, planning and managing

30% fewer hours per vehicle

How we effectively lower production times.

Our strategy

Increase production efficiency

  • Networking of process, logistics and automation
  • Harmonization of differing requirements in the various areas
  • Decisive reduction of the manufacturing valuables (MV)
  • More flexible and modular production facilities

Our method

Measurable success through transparent material flows

  • Analysis of the supply chain through to the place of installation
  • Analysis of the functional structure of process participants
  • Analysis of the possibilities offered by automation or man-machine collaboration
  • Simplification of the processes

You decide what car to manufacture, we show you how to do it right!

Manufacturing valuables (MV) constitute a majority of the costs that can be influenced. We aim to reduce them significantly. Observing the system and harmonizing the procedural and structural organization of process, logistics and automation are crucial in achieving this goal. We also want to make production facilities more flexible and modular while simplifying the processes.

Dürr Consulting possesses extensive know-how about complex systems, and performs detail-oriented analyses on the entire manufacturing structure. The results achieved from this work, as well as the conclusions and solutions we develop, allow us to reduce your throughput times and ultimately lower your unit costs significantly.