Dürr Consulting offers advising, planning and managing

40% lower overall planning cost

How our experience makes us more economical.

Our strategy

Holistic approach & system integration of

  • Product
  • Process
  • Logistics
  • Equipment
  • Media supply
  • Construction technology

Our method

Quality in the shortest time through

  • Benchmark
  • Vision/strategy
  • Ideal layout
  • Real evaluation

Best practice from greenfield and brownfield projects

Dürr Consulting offers planning knowledge gained over many years of working on brownfield and greenfield projects. From this we obtain valuable benchmark insights into robust processes, smart utilities and lean layouts – a key prerequisite for reducing cost.

We rely on quality from the very beginning, because the planning work already lays the foundation for the correct sequence on the line. We value employing highly qualified and experienced staff to ensure that resources are provided in the right place and at the right time.

We simultaneously assure quality and periodically anchor the “lessons learned” at defined Q-gates in our project management process. This prevents mistakes from recurring. We satisfy clients by consistently realizing their requirements: We apply our know-how to achieve the goal of minimizing the “hours per vehicle” – always with your requirements and conditions in mind.

We know that keeping interfaces under control ultimately helps to keep realization under control.  That is why we ask ourselves: Where are there interfaces, how do I avoid interfaces, and what are the functional and effective solutions?

Dürr Consulting – We have the answers.