Dürr Consulting offers advising, planning and managing

Efficient and rapid plant conversion

How we avoid standstill

Our strategy

Minimization of production downtimes

  • System partner from the idea through to SOP
  • Conversion during ongoing operation
  • Additive conversion steps
  • System engineering for all departments involved in the conversion

Our method

Efficiency is our guiding principle

  • Analysis of the current situation and feasibilty study
  • Goal clarification and definition
  • Conflict and interface management
  • Start-up support
  • Change request management
  • Knowledge management

Our experts rapidly get to know the details of an existing plant, and their comprehensive expertise in 3D processes allows them to ensure rapid and effective implementation of capacity expansions with different planning horizons.

We possess the expertise to link different conveyor systems, to integrate different software versions or to ensure parallel production of old and new models.

We efficiently plan custom solutions for temporary production processes, both in terms of time and monetary aspects.