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  • A hand with a glowing pen on which the Dürr Consulting logo is illuminated points to a glowing globe to show the worldwide activities of Dürr Consulting.


Drawing on our many years of experience in the industry, we have helped guide a wealth of different national and international customer projects in a wide variety of sectors to success.


  • Development of production strategy and evaluation of European manufacturing locations.
  • Fulfilment of business case as basis for management decision
  • Set-up and coordination of ramp-up process and resources

    Customer benefits:
  • Holistic independent view on manufacturing cost, comparison and bechmarking
  • Overall central project management for coordination of relevant interfaces
  • Cost-effective and efficient ramp-up-process
  • Development of  a plant layout and a logistics concept
  • Evaluation of the layout
  • Completion of a cost estimation

    Customer benefits:
  • Integration of all shops, logistics, construction, approvals and architecture
  • Highly flexible production in terms of variants and capacity
  • Process-based product and product-based process aligned with close team work
  • Calculation of station and process analyses. Development of an EoL concept
  • Evaluation of technoogy and definition
  • Function description of key equipment and CAPEX indication for all equipment
  • Design of implementation schedule

    Customer benefits:
  • Detailed CAPEX indication of whole assembly shop for contracting: budget for all conveyors and equipment
  • Optimum layout and process: good logistics access, smart conveyor routing and efficient testing line
  • Description of functionality and flexibility characteristics for key equipment
  • Performance of a feasibility study comparing an AGV system with static conveyor systems
  • Evaluation and identification of optimization potentials in current EOL layout
  • Development of different layout variants and the calculation of AGVs needed per layout variant
  • Evaluation of concept with pre-defined performance indicators and selection of optimal layout

    Customer benefits:
  • Development of different layout variants under consideration of given restrictions and systematic layout evaluation and selection process
  • Calculation of AGV needed under consideration of different scenarios
  • Consideration of material and operator flows
  • Rating and evaluation of trends in the e-mobility sector throughout the new automotive supply chain
  • Identification of overlaps with existing customer portfolio
  • Definition of growth activities for long-term sustainable growth

    Customer benefits:
  • Extensive e-mobility technology knowledge and background
  • Fast reaction times and lean approach within a short time
  • New market strategy
  • Identification of overlaps in business processes and structures
  • Business unit merger and portfolio consolidation

    Customer benefits:
  • Holistic independent view on business processes and overlaps from an external perspective
  • Reliable and substantiated process identification for efficient and agile business adaptions
  • Implementation of strategy for more than two years for clear tracking and new mindset change


  • MTM analysis of assembly process. Evaluation of process, reduction of non-efficient process steps and 3D simulation of old and optimized process
  • Layout development and conception of future ready technology. Creation of a 3D digital twin for new production

    Customer benefits:
  • Increasing the level of automation with a networked production and the integration of MES and digital tools
  • Layout and process designed for scalable production
  • Optimization of process and ergonomics by simple changes and tools
  • MTM analysis of assembly process and evaluation and reduction of non-efficient process steps
  • Completion of value stream analysis
  • Development of a layout and equipment selection
  • Tracking and tracing concept for manufacturing and logistics

    Customer benefits:
  • Increasing process efficiency through floor space savings
  • Increasing health and safety, ergonomics by smart handling tools
  • Logistics tracking, poka-yoke assembly, new testing and paint process
  • Relocation and implementation of equipment without production losses
  • Layout planning of the test field with climate test bench, exhaust gas rollers, map roller with blow channel and engine test bench.
  • Concept and execution planning of supply and disposal technology, test bench systems and facilities
  • Investment budgeting
  • Object monitoring with approvals and optimization of the system installation

    Customer benefits:
  • Single point of contact for all technical and structural interfaces
  • Planning and implementation of comprehensive security technology for the protection of people and plants (burst protection, fire protection, primary explosion protection, prototype extinguishing system, safety matrix)
  • Optimized and environmentally friendly energy supply
  • Budget responsibility from cost estimation to cost calculation


  • Definition of core processes, material flow and technology concept
  • Selection of material flow and technology, based on core processes
  • Development of a 2D-CAD layout and a list of main equipment and technical description

    Customer benefits:
  • Creation of 2D CAD layouts based on core processes and planning results
  • Efficient, scalable and low-investment distribution center to keep certain flexibility and reduce impact on CAPEX
  • Technical process description to support the customer in overall understanding and approach for logistic concept
  • Optimum layout and process, implementation of a good flow, clear responsibilities and efficient use of equipment
  • Provision of technical and functional description for main equipment as input for procurement process
  • Creation of layouts and recording of material flow. Creation of 2D CAD-layout incl. infrastructure and logistics equipment, and a process and material flow analysis
  • Definition of core processes and interfaces. Initial layout draft with optimized material flow
  • Function description of key equipment and CAPEX indication for all equipment
  • Concept evaluation and recommendations

    Customer benefits:
  • Creation of 2D CAD layouts, based on actual building, infrastructure and equipment information
  • Extensive process and material flow analysis including indication of quick-wins and further optimization
  • Alternative greenfield approach to indicate optimized layout without taking current building restrictions into account
  • Comparison of agreed KPIs, incl. short and long-term initiatives to increase efficiency